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Brighten up your winter days

The shorter, darker days of winter can often affect your mood – but they don’t have to.

The following energy-efficiency tips can help you feel a little bit brighter.

Brighten your mood by switching to LED Bulbs

The shorter, darker days of the winter season can often affect your mood, and can even result in Seasonal Affective Disorder, because it’s often related to how much facetime you get with the sun.

To help fight the winter blues, consider smart LED bulbs that allow you to modify the colour temperature of a bulb through the use of a mobile app. These smart lights can help you mimic the daily pattern of the sun, here’s how: 

A bulb’s colour temperature is measured using Kelvins (K), the lower the K measurement on a bulb the warmer the light, the higher the measurement the brighter the bulb.

Morning light

For your morning routine, use the mobile app to switch the colour of your bulbs to be blue-toned, around 6000K.

Midday light

Adjust your bulbs to bright white, around 5000K.

Evening light

Make one last adjustment in the app to decorate your home with orange-toned lighting, around 2700K.


Remember to shut your blinds and curtains at night to help keep the warmth in after the sun has set.

Clean your bulbs

LED lights last 3.5 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs. With that sort of lifespan, it’s only a matter of time before they begin to attract some dust. Did you know that dirt buildup on bulbs can reduce a lights output by 30 per cent? That’s a lot of light you’re missing out on. To increase the brightness of your home this winter, give your lights a little TLC. 

For best results, clean your lightbulbs with a dry cloth to remove dirt and dust. Avoid using damp cloths as they may allow water to enter crevices in your light fixtures.  

Always remember to turn the electricity off to your fixtures before beginning to clean!

Let the light in

During the day you can increase the natural light in your home by opening your blinds and curtains. In the winter, keeping your curtains open can not only help brighten your space but help warm your home as well.

To ensure your home stays bright and comfortable, make sure to seal your windows with weather stripping and caulking to deter cold wintery drafts and increase your home’s insulation. Not only does your furnace not have to work as hard, it’s lighter on your wallet.

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