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Investing in our Future

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Investing in our Future

Safe, reliable and affordable

Natural gas helps businesses stay competitive and makes life at home more comfortable for over 75 percent of Ontario households. See how we’re providing reliable, affordable energy while also innovating to advance low-carbon and clean energy solutions.

The advantage of natural gas


At about half the cost of electricity, natural gas is significantly less expensive.

A greener choice

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and is vital in the transition to a lower-carbon future.

Abundant and reliable

You can count on a constant supply of natural gas, even in the harshest weather.

Versatile and convenient

Enjoy home comforts at the flick of a switch—from outdoor barbecues to kitchen ranges.

Building a thriving, stronger Ontario

Three ways we’re investing in customers and communities

Helping Ontarians save energy and reduce costs

Our energy conservation programs help families and businesses save on energy, reduce costs and lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Since 1995, these programs have reduced GHG emissions by almost 52 million tonnes—equivalent to taking 10 million cars off the road.​

Developing greener fuels

Enbridge Gas has been a key player in Ontario’s fight against climate change, helping to fuel transit fleets with compressed natural gas instead of diesel, creating zero-carbon renewable natural gas from organic waste and investing in more carbon-reducing initiatives.

Supporting local economies

By investing in energy infrastructure projects across the province, we’re ensuring that Ontarians can continue to rely on affordable energy. Bringing natural gas to new communities provides local jobs and generates millions in annual tax dollars that can go towards schools, roads and other critical services.

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