Smart Rebates

Swap electricity-consuming activities for some energy-saving family fun.

When it comes to your energy bills, practising smart habits early can contribute to a lifetime of savings. So, to get your little ones involved with energy efficiency early, consider swapping some of your favourite electricity-consuming activities for some good old fashioned family time.

Get artsy

Draw up energy-friendly reminders, literally. Arts and crafts time is a perfect opportunity to start educating your children about energy use. Create fun signs that share simple tips to save energy and place them around the house as daily reminders. For example, quickly closing the fridge or freezer is a simple way to conserve energy.

Get out of the house

Swap your traditional movie night with a walk around your neighbourhood! Unplugging from electronics such as phones and TVs can not only be good for your energy bill, but also your health. Studies show spending time outside can help reduce blood pressure, improve memory and boost your mood. Plus, spending quality time outdoors with your family is always a win-win.

Start a scavenger hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt to find unused appliances in your home that can be unplugged to reduce energy waste. Items like phone chargers and unused electronics can still draw power even if they’re turned off or no device is attached. Take your phone charger for example, when you unplug your phone the charger still draws power when it’s left plugged into the wall outlet.

Get game night going

Host an electronics-free family board game night to help cut down on the energy used by electronics like gaming consoles and computers. The only energy you’ll need is your own – especially to keep up with the kids.

No-bake? No problem

Cure that sweet tooth with no-bake treats. Challenge your kids to help you create a unique snack without  the use of major kitchen appliances. Looking for a yummy place to start? We’ve got you covered with no-bake strawberry cheesecake, chocolate chai energy bites and no-bake candy cane fudge.


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