Smart Rebates

Free Smart

Thermostat Program

Free Smart Thermostat Program

    Free Smart Thermostat Program

    The benefits of an energy efficient home are tremendous!

    Smart rebates will help you qualify for available rebates and incentivized programs to help your home save on energy costs, and reduce your carbon footprint!

    Nest Thermostat

    The first ENERGYSTAR certified thermostat that learns what temperature you like and builds a schedule around it. The Nest learning thermostat has already saved billions of KWH in millions of homes worldwide. Get yours free and start saving today!

    Ecobee Thermostat

    Reduce your strain on the grid and unlock energy savings on energy costs with enhanced home comfort. The Ecobee thermostat automatically heats or cools when electricity is cheaper, widely popularized as an essential energy saver for the home. Get yours free and start saving today!

    Track your savings

    Your new smart thermostat will provide you monthly energy savings reports, and suggest eco friendly modes to maximize on home efficiency. Compare your previous month’s usage to see exact energy savings!

    Temperature Sensor

    Most homes aren’t the same temperature in every room. Place a smart thermostat temperature sensor anywhere for comfort everywhere and to help manage hot or cold spots throughout your home.

    HVAC monitoring

    A smart thermostat’s monitoring capability will send you alerts via email or the Google Home app if it sees any signs of a malfunction. From small reminders to change your filter to urgent alerts for issues that may require immediate attention, such as if your house becomes colder even if it’s the heating you switched on.

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    Saving energy is a beautiful thing

    Helps save energy and keeps you comfortable.